Market Review. Results of the day. 05/31/2018

May 31, 2018

Technical analysis

Prices for the main cryptocurrencies are growing today. ETH with +5.76% at the lead.

BTC 7579.83$. Support 7250$. Aimed at 8000$.

ETH 585.01$. Support 550$. Aimed at 650$.

XRP 0.61829$. Resistance 0.62$. Support 0.59$.

EOS 12.66.$. Resistance 13.00$. Support 11$.

BCH 1010.50$. Resistance 1000$. Support 950$.

BTC and ETH are now witnessing short-term increase that is likely to indicate another wave of growth. So selling short is not the right strategy now.

Latest news

TRON has launched the main network, transferring ETH-tokens to the blockchain is to start in 3 weeks on June 21. Noteworthy is that the market gave negative response of minus ~5% of the price.

ETC has successfully finished hardfork and thus defused a difficulty bomb. The code previously used by ETH for increasing mining difficulty is now applied for ETC.

Bittrex launches Bitcoin, Tether and TrueUSD to fiat dollar trades. This is available for corporate users only in some US states.

Monster audio company plans holding one of the largest ICOs to the amount of $300 million. It also wishes to make audio-revolution… whatever this might mean.

Famous computer device producer Asus has presented a new product designed specially for crypto miners. H370 Mining Master motherboard allows for up to 20 GPUs set up at once.

Tezos plans beta-testing of the net. Remember that now Tezos is much more about long-lasting litigations despite its objectives to compete with Ethereum. So the community board plans to go to court to finish this all and continue developing the net.


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