Gibraltar to Open Crypto Exchange for Institutional Investors

June 4, 2018

New crypto trading platform for institutional investors is launched in Europe. Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) has presented 300 single account holders and institutional members on its platform. GBX, affiliate company to Gibraltar Stock Exchange (GSX), wants to become one of the first licensed and regulated digital asset exchanges under the EU jurisdiction.

“This is a significant step in our journey to becoming a leading digital asset exchange and token sale platform. The soft launch of the platform will mean that we can continue as effectively as possible toward providing an institutional-grade token sales springboard for utility tokens and top-quality digital asset exchange for the global blockchain and trading communities,” GBX CEO Nick Cowan stated.

He promised the market on the platform to be honest, transparent, effective and safe. The CEO also mentioned successful launch of GBX’s token GRID and told about two other tokens using the same platform as Strykz and Traceto.

No doubt local authorities try to gain profits on the growing crypto market. Gibraltar has already become a home for large businesses from financial services and online game industries so now it makes huge effort to attract various kinds of blockchain companies. The territory became the first jurisdiction in Europe with regulated ICO.


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