New Religion Based on Crypto and Blockchain

June 5, 2018

Matt Liston initiates its own religion and puts in into blockchain.

Liston has gone through tempestuous background in crypto industry as he prevailed in the $152-million action against Augur company that he co-founded. At its earlier stages he was obviously involved into the business yet quit it due to discordances about technological and commercial objectives of Augur. This time Liston has got a brand new project: a blockchain religion called 0xΩ.

“It’s a religious framework that could allow for belief sets to update much more quickly and also to democratize the relationship between membership and convergence on what everyone believes in this religion”, Liston said.

Last week Liston began religious ceremony as part of larger exhibition in New Museum, New York, where the crypto guru gave out 40 copies of the so called “flame paper”, his version for traditional white paper, which describes how 0xΩ’s religious management model will be realized. The first move will be developing technologies for shareholders who can use voting to reform organization’s rules allowing for the believers identify, verify and develop sacred texts with smart contract.

“The idea is you can take an existing religion, say Judaism, and you could place the scripture in a blockchain,” noted Liston.

The blockchain cult’s congregation will be able to appoint leaders and provide financial support for projects that carry out the religion’s mission while believers will be able to finance religious works and charge construction of temples via smart contract system.

Religion is a multibillion industry with religious donations that in 2016 made 201.94 billion dollars in the US alone. Liston asserts he will also make donations, not just receive them from believers.

Quite possibly Liston tries to move further and take control over the new religion and it is still to learn whether it will be decentralized indeed or owned by Liston. Just like Pastafarianism 0xΩ is likely to win more publicity in the coming weeks and months as this online community is involved into one of the most unusual ways blockchain is applied today. Or maybe it will become a meme and gain hundreds of millions of followers around the globe.


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