Ripple Wants to Kill “Ripple”

June 5, 2018

What is the difference between Ripple company and Ripple XRP cryptocurrency? Many would answer, there isn’t one, given the former one owns the bulk of the latter and its founders are in charge of cryptocurrency. Ripple itself has none of it and plans to split the notions once for all.

For some months in a row Ripple has been trying to dispel an idea that it bears full responsibility for XRP currency it issues. The project would like to make the currency a symbol. «XRP» is just a currency ticker originating from abbreviation of the word «ripple», just like XMR an abbreviation of «monero». To mark the difference there was proposed a new minimalistic logo that differentiates the currency from the namesake company.

There is a Twitter account even for the new XRP symbol which says:

“In order for XRP to be perceived as a ‘currency,’ it needs its own symbol. Just like the dollar sign ‘$,’ XRP needs a universal sign that denotes units of XRP. The current logo being used works great when referencing the company, and it should not be changed, but a character should be created to represent actual units of the digital asset.”

There was a suggestion voiced that the company tries to distance itself from its cryptocurrency to neutralize it. If SEC recognizes XRP as a security, this is going to affect drastically the price of XRP and its availability on American exchanges. Provided all this, it seems reasonable for the company to mark the difference between the company and the currency.


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