“Bitcoin City” Emerging in Slovenia

June 6, 2018

BTC City, the largest shopping mall of Ljubljana, Slovenia, comprised of dozens of buildings, has changed its development strategy and began positioning itself as “Bitcoin City”. From now on each of the 500 stores and units located in the territory of 475,000 square meters supports Bitcoin.

BTC City includes casino, cinema, business center, water park, gyms, hotels and lots of retail and net markets. There are also several crypto ATMs and the country’s biggest mining farm.

Cryptocurrency payment system used in the most of the stores there was developed by the local startup Eligma’s team. When giving comment on the mall  the startup's member called it a perfect environment for business and trading based on the cutting edge technological innovations like blockchain, cryptocurrencies and AI.

Eligma’s employees added, soon the payment system is going to support Bitcoin Cash and get user loyalty program.

“Bitcoin City” is convinced the mall will be able to create open community with its members developing their own business environment following their ideas, needs and operational policies.


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