Denmark Applies Blockchain for Cargo Shipping

June 6, 2018

In April this year 21 countries of the EU signed joint declaration in support of common blockchain standards and solutions. On June 4 Denmark joined the agreement and it plans becoming the first country to use blockchain for cargo shipping.

The European blockchain partnership was established on April 10 and included 21 countries. Two more countries joined it later, no Denmark has signed it as well. The primary objective for the partnership is enhancing international collaboration on blockchain technology.

The Denmark’s minister of industry, business and finance Brian Mikkelsen stated, the country plans getting the world’s first state to register ships with blockchain:

“Blockchain goes across borders, and a joint European cooperation is crucial to ensure future-proof standards and solutions. So I'm very pleased that we have now signed this declaration”.

The minister added special council of Denmark also considers implementing blockchain in business.


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