Ripple Donates $50 Million to Universities to Facilitate Blockchain Acceptance

June 6, 2018

Ripple has declared partnering up with 17 educational institutes including MIT, the University of North Carolina and the University of Pennsylvania. By "University Blockchain Research Initiative" program Ripple will donate 50 million dollars for research and development of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and digital payments. Curiously enough, the donation was madi in crypto.

The company has stated, the initiative was set forth due to jobs demand. Over 4,000 jobs with «blockchain» or «cryptocurrency» were published at LinkedIn last year which is 150% higher than a year before.

Some university researches and projects will apply Ripple technology and XRP though it is not mandatory.

To date the cryptocurrency costs about 65 cents so XRP has fallen by more than 70% compared to the previous year.


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