Market Review. Results of the day. 06/06/2018

June 6, 2018

Technical analysis

Volatility of cryptocurrencies keeps going down. Down fall trade volumes as well. Prices are stuck in a narrow range for the fourth day and are likely to stay. The chances for growth as higher now, but if prices step below support level the falling medium term trend will move on.

BTC 7534.01$. Support 7450$. Aimed at 8000$.

ETH 596.29$. Support 580$. Aimed at 650$.

XRP 0.6614$. Support 0.64$. Aimed at 0.78$.

EOS 13.54.$. Support 13$. Aimed at 17$.

BCH 1108.47$. Support 1080$. Aimed at 1300$.

Latest news

Binance is likely to add fiat pairs this autumn.

BlockBroker, the platform that claimed to fight scam and fraud among ICOs, turned to be scam itself.

The China’s central bank has finished developing a blockchain-based system for issuing digital checks instead of paper ones and thus may help in fight against fraud, while Denmark is going to apply blockchain for cargo shipping.

Ripple donates $50 million to universities to boost blockchain acceptance.

BTC City, the largest shopping mall of Ljubljana, Slovenia, comprised of dozens of buildings, has changed its development strategy and began positioning itself as “Bitcoin City”. From now on each of the 500 stores and units located in the territory of 475,000 square meters supports Bitcoin.


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