Man Died On Mount Everest While Promoting Cryptocurrencies

June 7, 2018

A marketing move aimed at drawing public’s attention to ICO ended up in death of a promoter.

Компания ASKfm company, one of the 10 world’s largest social networks, planned acting out popular saying in the crypto community to promote its ICO. The words “To the Moon” represent the idea that prices will be on rapid rise soon and make all the currency holders rich. For doing so ASKfm organized an expedition of four crypto enthusiasts to Mount Everest.

The plan was to bury ASKT (ASKfm’s cryptocurrency) of 50,000 USD worth on top of it.

The team ascended the mountain on May 14 and got back relatively safe except for Taris Pozdnii got frost bitten several times but managed to recover.

But as reported by Financial Times and “Rock and Ice” website, Lam Babu Sherpa, the man who helped the ASKfm team to reach for the top of Everest fell behind during the descent and is now considered dead. Sherpa was the veteran of three Everest ascents.

The ASKfm’s statement says, "[as] these events transpired, it has since been confirmed by Nepalese authorities and Seven Summit Treks that Sherpa Lam Babu is missing and presumed dead after search and rescue efforts yielded no results."

The promotional campaign proved to be both unbeneficial and caused death. ASKfm holds internal investigation of the accident.


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