British National Archive Studies Blockchain for Authenticity of Digital Records

June 8, 2018

The ARCHANGEL project considers feasibility of applying blockchain to create permanent records in the UK National Archive.

The project initiated by the Archive, the University of Surrey and the UK Open Data Institute creates a blockchain prototype with audit trail containing records for when and by whom some document was edited.

The ARCHANGEL’s website describes the project as 18-month-long “co-creating and evaluating a novel prototype DLT service with end-users to determine how archival practices, sustainable models and public attitudes could evolve in the presence of a trusted decentralised technology to prove content integrity and ensure open access to digital public archives.”

Late April UK parliamentarian held his speech to give highly positive assessment of blockchain and stated the technology is going to have “monumental impact”. In February the UK Treasury Committee declared studying cryptocurrencies yet noted they wouldn’t like to obstruct innovations in blockchain industry.


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