Market Review. Results of the day. 06/08/2018

June 8, 2018

Technical Review

Another day on the sick market. Sideways trend remains, Боковое движение продолжается, but changes won’t be slow in coming and the next week is likely to be crucial.

BTC 7655.20$. Support 7500$. Aimed at 8000$.

ETH 599.93$. Support 590$. Aimed at 680$.

XRP 0.6719$. Support 0.66$. Aimed at 0.78$.

EOS 14.07$. Support 13.50$. Aimed at 17$.

BCH 1118.22$. Support 1080$. Aimed at 1300$.

Latest news

According to the data published by Chainalysis that studies blockchain, the number of long-term Bitcoin investors is almost equal to the number of speculators who acquire the cryptocurrency for quick gains.

Moscow-based exchange is to launch a service for ICO-projects.

Swiss Bank is ready to open accounts for crypto and blockchain organizations.

One of Alibaba branches in charge of studying AI, cryptocurrencies and blockchain has attracted as much as 14 billion dollars.

The UK National Archive studies blockchain to ensure authenticity of digital records.

German software developing corporation SAP has declared launching its own cloud platform that would allow for corporate customers to develop blockchain applications.


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