Chainalysis: Number of Bitcoin Speculators Grown Over the Last Six Months

June 9, 2018

According to the data published by the blockchain research company Chainalysis, the number of long-term Bitcoin investors is almost equal to the number of speculators who acquire cryptocurrency for quick gains.

According to the report, number of BTC owned by the so called day traders who make deals during trade day to gain profits from rate fluctuations makes 5.1 millions of coins while 6 million BTC are owned by long-term investors.

The report also contains data on BTC daily trade volumes which says they have reduced four times since December 2017. According to the Chainalysis’s chief economist Philip Gradwell, it is sudden growth of cryptocurrency liquidity that caused its price collapse.

In addition, Chainalysis experts have found a mismatch in Bitcoin distribution among investors. Most of the coins are held by few investors called whales. Therefore it is possible for a small group of people to manipulate prices on the market. Thus, data of April 2018 shows, at 1,600 wallets hold at least 1,000 BTC which makes about one third of the total amount of coins in the circulation.


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