Number of Women Interested in Crypto Industry Risen by 7%

June 12, 2018

The number of women of various age who plan investing in digital currencies has increased by 7% over the last half a year.

The study of the market conducted by the British trade platform LBE has shown, every fifth woman born after 1981 wants to invest in some cryptocurrency.

In addition, the research shows the difference in approaches men and women have towards investments: women choose strategic investment option as they turned to have “fear of missing out” twice rarer. Moving on, they collaborate more often with other organizations or individuals rather than men who tend to invest on their own.

Note that the Etoro exchange used to hold similar research before which demonstrated that only 8.5% of women were involved into crypto industry. However, according to the resent study the situation is likely to alter, so many experts believe the trend is going to remain.


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