Market Review. Results of the Day. 06/13/2018

June 13, 2018

Technical analysis

Bitcoin has reached its support of $6,000. It's time to look for a reversal of a short-term falling trend. 

Risk/reward ratio of buying now is 1 to 4. The potential profti in the next two months is 100%. The scenario is cancelled if the price goes below $5,000.

BTC $6,340.00. Resistance level is $6,500.

ETH $475.45. Resistance level is $500.

XRP $0.52539. Resistance level is $0.56.

EOS $9.884. Resistance level is $10.

BCH $833.00. Resistance level is $900.

News review

The number of girls of different ages planning to invest in digital currencies has grown by 7 percent in the last six months of the year. According to the market research conducted by the British LBE trading platform: every fifth woman born after 1981 intends to invest in this or that crypto currency.

The circulating supply of ETH exceeded 100 million tokens.

Telegram added the feature to upload identity documents, such as passport, driver’s license, residence permit, ID card. TON is just around the corner.

A Russian mining company has built a $125 million cryptocurrency mining center in Norway, but made a mistake. The facility is built near NATO military exercise, and the company is suspected of spying for Russia.

The number of ERC20 tokens has risen from 5,000 to 90,000.

The mining company Argo aims to become the first blockchain company listed on London Stock Exchange.

London Block Exchange conducted a study and found, that the number of female cryptocurrency investors has increased from 6% to 13% in six months.


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