Adblock Will Use Blockchain to Check News Fidelity

June 14, 2018

Eyeo company that developed popular online ads blocking extension Adblock Plus has launched new extension for Chrome browser aimed at finding fake news.

The app called Trusted News was built with MetaCert Protocol based on blockchain which records data of credible websites, apps, social network accounts, etc. The reputation registry is formed via crowd-sourcing and can be applied by any user. The service is purposed for preventing all possible online tricks like phishing attacks and, what is more important, fake news.

Blockchain protocol MetaCert combines reputation data from independent users who check facts and mass media around the globe like Snopes and PolitiFact.

Trusted News, now still in beta-version, can tell users whether a website is credible or was claimed to post doubtful news.

In this case you can see MailOnline marked as «Biased».

Trusted News: «This website contains politically biased content or promotes unproven or skewed views».

On the contrary, for those who can mix humor and real news Trusted News marks Onion as “Satire”, gives it a blue smiley, and says: “ publishes satirical content and is not intended to be used as a source of actual news.”

If a publication is regarded as reliable, it is granted a green mark while those completely untrustworthy ones get red exclamation mark.

Trusted News News may soon contribute to the Metacert Protocol registry by providing their own reviews on specific rating in the application.

“Fake news is profoundly affecting our society and our ability to make informed decisions as citizens. While we don’t profess to have solved the entire problem yet, we are proud to launch Trusted News as a first humble step that we will continue to improve as it pushes beyond beta”, said CEO at Eyeo Till Faida.

Note that quite recently Elon Musk has announced similar project called “Pravda”.


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