5% of Monero Were Mined Through Malware, Study Finds

June 15, 2018

The network security company Palo Alto Networks published a report, where it found that about 5 percent of all Monero (XMR) coins in circulation were mined through malware. 

The study claims, that the malware was used by cryptojackers. They use malware to steal computing power of users and secretly mine cryptocurrency. 

Josh Grunzweig, a member of the research group that collected about 470 thousand unique samples, reports on how many cryptojacking miners have been identified within the Palo Alto Network WildFire platform.

The reports found 3,773 associated with mining pools emails, 2,995 URLs of mining pools, 2,341 Monero wallets, 981 Bitcoin wallets, 131 Electroneum wallets, 44 Ethereum wallets, and 28 Litecoin wallets.

Grunzweig says that Monero is the main target of cryptocurrency malware, as a total of $175 million worth of XMR were mined by cryptojackers. It is about 5 percent of the XMR circulating supply. 

Interesting that only 55% of Monero wallets has more that 0.01 XMR ($1.25) on a balance. 

Distribution of digital currencies targeted by cryptojackers.  Source: Palo Alto Networks

The report says, that the total hashrate for XMR cryptojacking is 19 mega-hashes per second. It is good to bring about $30,443 a day. According to the report, top three sources of Monero cryptojacking bring about  $2,737, $2,022, and $1,596 a day, respectively. 


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