Market Review. Results of the Day. June 15, 2018

June 15, 2018

Technical analysis

Main cryptocurrency took a pause today after yesterday's growth. EOS chart is the most interesting at the moment, as an inverse head and shoulders pattern has formed. Resistance level of the pattern is $11.50. If the price breaks out from this level, the short-term target is $13.

BTC $6538.90. Resistance level is $6,500.

ETH $504.45. Resistance level is $500.

XRP $0.5507. Resistance level is $0.56.

EOS $10.91. Support level is $10.

BCH $874.01. Resistance level is $900.

News background

EOS main blockchain has officially launched. However, there are still many bugs. How does it affect the price of the cryptocurrency? Nohow. 

CBOE may soon launch Ethereum futures. 

Coinbase Index Fund became available for huge American investors.

Chief Cryptographer at Ripple David Schwartz believes that banks hardly ever will use blockchain for processing international payments, as the technology has scalability and privacy problems. 

Slovakian banks closed account of local cryptocurrency entities and traders.

Suning Bank, a banking branch of the Chinese e-commerce giant Suning, has launched a joint blockchain trial that will allow Chinese banks to store and update data on citizens with bad credit history, and use them in assessing credit risks.


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