Blockchain Project Factom Won Grant From US Homeland Security Department

June 19, 2018

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has awarded a $192,380-grant to the Factom blockchain project to support beta-testing of the platform ensuring security for data that comes from cameras and sensors of the Border Patrol.

As the media release says, the Factom startup develops a technology which enters data gathered by cameras and sensors to blockchain to protect and eliminate risks to forge, alter or corrupt them. Testing the Factom products will be held under conditions of limited Internet-connection and varying weather to simulate actual ones the Border Patrol has to operate in.

Today 23 companies including Factom develop their solutions for the Department of Homeland Security and win grants for their projects. The solutions imply that the department would adopt the Internet of things, unmanned aircraft planes, financial cyber security, wearable and other kinds of technologies. Note that in 2016 Factom was awarded $200,000 by the ministry to start working on the current project.


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