Market Review. Results of the Day. 06/19/2018

June 19, 2018

Technical analysis

Today, the main crypto-currencies continued to move within a narrow range. Bitcoin: a short-term trend - growing, medium-term - falling, long-term falling.

Most likely - move up. Canceling the script - leaving below $ 6000.

BTC 6718.00 $. Support $ 6400.

ETH $ 532.00. Support $ 490.

XRP 0.5397 $. Support $ 0.52.

EOS 10.576 $. Support 10.20 $.

BCH 892.80 $. Support $ 840.

News background

One day ago 26,000 BTC were sold in just two hours. Most of them were sold on Bitfinex. For example, usually about 2,500 BTC are being sold in two hours, 400-600 of them on Bitfinex.

Cyberpolice of Ukraine found an organized criminal network, that created a network of fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges.

CFTC fined JP Morgan Chase $65 million for rigging benchmark for interest-rate derivatives.

Cryptokitties became 10 times less interesting.

Department of Homeland Security awarded a $192,380 grant to the Factom blockchain startup to beta test a platform for collecting and storing data from Border Patrol sensors and cameras.

Japanese police arrested 16 people in cryptojacking case. They stole about 120,000 yen.


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