Market Review. Results of the Day. 06/20/2018

June 20, 2018

Technical analysis

The technical picture of cryptocurrencies has not changed today.

However, the spring is compressed and the market is ready to start. 

The next month is going to be volatile. 

BTC $6761.00. Support level is $6,600.

ETH $536.00. Support level is $515.

XRP $0.5409. Support level is $0.52.

EOS $10.471. Support level is $10.20.

BCH $893.00. Support level is $850.


News background

One of the largest South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges Bithumb has allegedly been hacked. More than $31 million has reportedly been stolen. 

Some reports accuse the exchange of staging the hack for tax evasion. 

Australian tax authorities warned cryptocurrency investors and is going to tax their profits.

Cambodia prohibited cryptocurrency trading without a state license.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges will be regulated in the same way as commercial banks.

Crypto Facilities to launch Litecoin futures this Friday.

More than 50% of Zcash (ZEC) blocks are mined by three Bitmain addresses.

So-called national cryptocurrency of Turkey Turcoin turned out to be scam. The founder of the project disappeared with the money of investors.


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