New Platform Tracing Liquidity, Safety and Reliability of Crypto Exchanges Started

June 21, 2018

Hacken has launched a new website which provides an all-in-one tool for crypto exchange assessment. Crypto Exchange Ranks (CER) allows for comparing over a dozen of exchanges including real-time arbitrage data and ratings in liquidity, reliability and security.

Crypto Exchange Ranks provides access to a wide range of indexes for the main exchanges in the crypto environment. was admitted to the beta-version of the platform which has got a score panel to monitor exchanges and tabs for liquidity and arbitrage.

Despite not all functions are active now, those enabled provide for handy tools for traders seeking arbitrage or trying to define withdrawal limits at various platforms.

Business Development Director at Crypto Exchange Anton Kaminsky told, the purpose was “to create a sophisticated tool for crypto exchange rankings, to save time and effort for all market participants”.

Although platforms like Coinmarketcap provide some data on exchange (like 24-hour trade volume and most popular pairs) CER enables another approach. The site scans order book for every exchange real time to calculate its volume. This also helps to compare prices for every coin at five exchanges and look through aggregated volumes.

While most of traders are unlikely to show interest in cyber security ratings, having such tools may encourage exchanges improve their maintenance with the view of the monitored activity.

Dmitriy Budorin, CEO of Hacken:

“Cryptocurrency exchanges are the backbone of the whole emerging crypto economy. CER will contribute to its healthier development. We hope that with CER, the exchanges will start taking their cybersecurity more seriously and refuse any bad practices, while users will receive comprehensive tools for smart decision making”.


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