Market Review. Results of the Day. 06/21/2018

June 21, 2018

Technical analysis

Today was the ninth day of the low volatility and main cryptocurrencies continued to trade within a narrow range. 

BTC $6,706.00. Support level is $6,600.

ETH $522.00. Support level is $515.

XRP $0.5307. Support level is $0.52.

EOS $10.248. Support level is $10.20.

BCH $868.00. Support level is $850.

News background

Center for Information Industry Development released its second monthly rating of best cryptocurrency. The first place has been awarded to EOS, despite many problems with its blockchain. Bitcoin fell to the 17th place and may eventually be dropped from the rating next month.

A cryptocurrency investor in Kiev was robbed of 158 BTC (about $1 million). He was kidnapped from the parking lot and taken to a remote garage cooperative and threatened with death.

Coinbase's excellent reputation is in jeopardy, as SEC received a 134-page document with previously hidden complaints of customers. Most of the complaints are about the lack of technical support and malfunctioning of the platform.

Volkswagen to use IOTA's tangle for self-driving cars.

The central bank of Brazil has developed a blockchain platform for financial regulators of the country. The platform is called Pier and can be launched soon.


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