BTC May Drop Down to $2,500

June 25, 2018

Bitcoin has been given way over the last half a year. Therefore many analysts try to find out how low can the rate of the first cryptocurrency fall.

For instance, Luis Carranza, the founder of London Fintech Week, believes, investors would better shift focus to Bitcoin and acquire it. He asserts, although cryptocurrencies are unpredictable and the Bitcoin rate may lower to $2,500, popularization of cryptocurrencies will definitely trigger their cost growth. He noted also, market fall is a direct evidence of evolution and liquidation of stupid money.

Gavin Pannu, Chief Market Analyst at London Academy of Trading (LAT) says, it is control of various states that is going to produce the main impact over growth or decline of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile he notes, today no one can say the exact level the first cryptocurrency rate may drop to.


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