Quebec Proposes Limiting Power Volumes for Miners

June 26, 2018

Hydro-Quebec, state power supplying company of the province of Quebec, Canada, has proposed a plan on limiting electricity volumes provided to crypto miners.

The plan provides 500 mega-watt for miners and authorizes Hydro-Quebec to select miners who will be allowed to mine in Quebec. The company is going to approve only applications that would provide for new jobs and economic profits in the province.

Hydro-Quebec notes that the company plans resolving the problem of unprecedentedly high miners’ demand for moving to the province as soon as possible. As a result the company had to impose temporary moratorium on inviting new miners earlier this month as it failed to satisfy their power demands.

Crucial condition for the Hydro-Quebec’s plan is setting a 500-mega-watt-limit for power provided to miners. The company believes this would help avoiding electricity deficit for common residents of the province.

The Hydro-Quebec’s media release says, companies ready to start their activity immediately would gain advantage. It also notes that the company is likely to make miners use power for 300 hours a year only.


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