Steve Wozniak Equaled Mess Around Blockchain and Dotcom Bubble

June 28, 2018

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said the hype around Blockchain resembles the phenomenon of dotcom bubbles. He stated, blockchain industry is now just at the same level numerous internet companies were at during their popularity boom in early 2000s, so crisis scenario of those times may come true again now.

“It was a bubble, and I feel that way about blockchain”, he said during his speech at the NEX conference in New York.

Wozniak admitted, blockchain has got a really huge potential due to its decentralized structure and reliability, but just as Internet it will take time for the technology to get widely spread.

When speaking on blockchain market players Wozniak noted, Ethereum has got all chances to live long as this is the most popular blockchain platform today. He also remains quite optimistic about Bitcoin when calls it “just amazing” despite rate problems it has now.

Remember that in October last year Wozniak said that Bitcoin is better that gold and dollar while in January this year he sold out all BTCs he had amid long market fall.


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