Bithumb Returns Almost Half of Hijacked Cryptocurrency

June 29, 2018

South Korea’s crypto exchange Bithumb that was hacked for $31.5 million on June 20 has declared, it managed to get almost half of stolen funds back.

Just after the hack the board of the exchange assured, that it began recovering some part of the funds. To do so Bithumb asked other crypto exchanges for help. On Thursday, June 28, the exchange published information on the process and claimed that as a result of collaborating with other exchanges it reduced the sum of stolen funds to $17 million and avoid further losses.

The published report reveals information of what cryptocurrencies were hijacked. For instance, the largest share is in BTC (2,016, about $12 million). Hackers also stole 2,219 ETH, 692 BCH, 5.2 million XRP and seven other cryptocurrencies including GNT, ELF and ETHOS.

The exchange stated that there is still much to do and it will keep on taking measures to eliminate the amount of stolen funds like freeze depositing and withdrawing cryptocurrencies from the accounts. So far Bithumb hasn’t set exact date when the exchange resumes full-fledged functioning.


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