Most of Crypto Company Chiefs Call For Self-Regulated Industry

June 29, 2018

International law firm Foley & Lardner LLP has held a poll on cryptocurrencies among the heads of crypto companies and investors. One of the issues surveyed was potential self-regulation of industry and attitude the respondents have to it. the poll was held in March and May this year with 62 participants.

The published results have shown that most of the chiefs and investors stand for self-regulated industry. 86% of the pollees have opted general voluntary standards elaboration. In general, 89% supported the idea of unified model of self-regulation.

The survey has shown 38% of respondents chose Ethereum as the most attractive cryptocurrency, 35% for Bitcoin, while 9% did not name any. 43% believe, BTC is most likely to become a wide spread payment means.

As for the probable future of the industry, 74% think that crypto bubble is going to burst with 41% sure this is going to happen this year. 89% voted for Bitcoin once losing its major-cryptocurrency-status by market cap volume.

The most of the respondents (72%) regard lacking of legal clarity at any level as the main problem for the industry. Despite this, 58% of the pollees claimed they are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies even provided legal risks.


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