Market Review. Results of the Day. 07/02/2018

July 2, 2018

Technical analysis

Main cryptocurrencies grew today. This was a fourth day of a short-term growing trend. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS overcame their resistance levels. One can cautiously buy cryptocurrency.

BTC $6,604. Support $6,250.

ETH $472. Support $440.

XRP $0.48438. Resistance is $0.49.

EOS $8.88. Support $8.00.

BCH $776.90. Resistance is $780.

News review

'Satoshi Nakamoto' announced the release of a book about bitcoin. 

GRAM token caused the growth of the fees in the Ethereum network to $1. This contract is the most expensive transaction in last 1,500 Ethereum blocks after it was listed on Soniubi exchange. The most interesting part is that this particular token does not related to Telegram or Pavel Durov, the website of the project has not been updated since 2017, there are no white paper and list of developers, and the vast majority of tokens are stored on several addresses. It is unknown how this project was able to shake the network.

USDT tokens may contain a double spending bug. 

South Korea invested more than $200 million in the development of blockchain. 

Sichuan floods may have damaged largest bitcoin mining farms. According to reports, tens of thousands of mining devices were destroyed. However, the hashrate of the Bitcoin network was not affected. 

Coinbase has finally launched a service for institutional investors called Custody. 

Hackers attacked Trezor wallet. Yes, the one that guarantees full protection.

Hackers attacked Tezos platform. Yes, the one, that is infamous for trials. 

Board member of VTB Russia Olga Dergunova said that the bank will integrate cryptocurrency operations as soon as all activities on the cryptocurrency market become regulated.

133 deputies of a Spain's ruling party proposed to use blockchain in the public administration. 


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