Ripple and Bill Gates to Help the Poor

July 4, 2018

The Bill Gates Foundation, the project aimed at increasing standard of living for people in various countries, has joined its efforts with Ripple Labs to enable technologies and release «Mojaloop» which is an open source software banks can customize and use freely.

The idea occurred to the partners as they learned the information published by the world bank: 2 billion of humans are below the poverty line and as the bank reports most of them have this status only due to lack of access to bank accounts or basic financial services. Ripple and Gates are going to handle the issue.

Note that the decision will affect positively the XRP cryptocurrency itself regarding both potential gains and reputation. Anyway, crypto enthusiasts are now unlikely to turn their attention to Ripple. Total centralization and continuous partnership with “the Evil Empires” scare off most of the supporters of the idea of true cryptocurrency.


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