Crypto Users of MacOS’s Slack and Discord Attacked by Malware

July 5, 2018

Cyber security experts have warned MacOS users against new malware spread via crypto-related chats in Slack and Discord.

Last Saturday, on June 30, the founder of cyber security services provider DutchSec Remco Verhoef has published a post in his blog dedicated to this threat. It said that hackers present themselves to be chat administrators or use the name of some well-known user and distribute malicious file there. When a victim downoloads the file hacker gains remote access to the infected device and all its passwords get copied to a local server located in the Netherlands. Patrick Wardle of Digital Security also published a post on this situation and mentioned the file name, machO.bin.

Alex Hinchliffe, an employee at Palo Alto Networks, supposed the scale of such attacks is likely to grow in time and advised chat administrators to apply multilevel authentication.

It is to be added that according to the recent report by McAfee Labs, the number of crypto jacking incidents have increased over the first quarter of this year alone by 629%.


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