One-Year Jail Sentence For Japan’s Miner

July 5, 2018

As Japanese media report, a man was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for using remote tool for hidden crypto mining.

As to Nikkei, on July 2 the Sendai District Court determined to sentence a 24-year-old unemployed citizen to one year of jail. The source in the know has explained, the case involved using Coinhive (software for hidden mining) in online game, not web site.

Kahoku adds some details:

“According to the judgment, he embedded a mining program into a tool that advances online games advantageously, in January – February, without justifiable grounds, released it on his blog, downloaded it to another person’s computer, and started mining.”

Famous security expert Takagi Hiromitsu has commented on the issue having confirmed that the case “was not [about] Coinhive on the web but a cheat tool of an online game.”

Lawyer Takashi Hirano asserts there is legal difference between two ways of using Coinhive. He represents Moro-san who was recently charged for about $909 for integrating Coinhive into his website and mining cryptocurrency without user notice.

In addition scam programs for hacking games are illegal in Japan as they violate the Unfair Competition Prevention Law.


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