Vitalik Buterin: Hope Centralized Exchanges Will Burn in Hell

July 10, 2018

The Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin declared, he would like to watch centralized exchanges “burn in hell as much as possible”.

When answering the question whether decentralized exchanges ever dominate over centralized ones on the market Vitalik said:

“I definitely personally hope centralized exchanges burn in hell as much as possible. In practice, particularly on the fiat to crypto side, it is very difficult to decentralize because you ultimately are interfacing with the fiat world, and the fiat world is one that only has basically centralized gateways…There are valuable services being provided there that are very hard to decentralize.”

Vitalik continued by saying that from the point of view of crypto trading DEX solutions will once become the most longed for as they suggest simple and user-friendly interface without registration, web-interface and accounts. As he put it, the future is in these platforms.


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