Attacks on Crypto Owners Get More Frequent

July 11, 2018

According to Jameson Lopp, the frequency of physical attacks at cryptocurrency holders grows at rapid-fire pace. He cataloged the 23 known attacks in specialized GitHub list. The incidents vary from physical assaults to ATM robberies, hijacking and armed burglary.

“To help keep track of the dynamic security landscape for crypto asset owners, I've started an open source repository to catalog physical attacks. Please contribute additions and corrections,” Lopp said in Twitter.

To the moment of this article is written the list has been extended to 31 incident.

Later Lopp shared his ideas in Twitter as he noted, 10 of these incidents happened over the last six months.

“Seems to be strong evidence that the rate of these attacks is accelerating,” Lopp said.

This triggered a heated debate on the platform and many users shared their experience:

“Was held hostage for a few hours in China…”

“Kyiv is mentioned only once, there were at least 3 already described publicly.”

The list includes accidents from various countries with United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, Ukraine and Iceland among them. 10 out of 31 occurred in the US. The earliest entry in the list is dated December 2014, the latest ones on July 6, 2018.


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