Sirin Labs Blockchain Smartphone To Be Released in November

July 12, 2018

Swiss company Sirin Labs developing a blockchain-based smartphone Finney will present its product in November, as the company’s spokesmen told Cointelegraph.

The plans to create a blockchain smartphone first came to public notice in September last year. In December Sirin Labs proceeded ICO and issued SRN token. The startup raised about $157.8 million.

Finney will come with SIRIN OS based on Android. The operation system will also include cold crypto wallet, token conversion service and store for decentralized apps at various blockchains.

The smartphone is developed by the Foxconn Technology Group company that collaborates with Apple, Cisco, Huawei, Google and Amazon. Finney is to be available this November and will cost about $1,000. In January this year the company was reported to receive 25,000 pre-orders for the new device.

Sirin Labs marketing director Nimrod May added, the smartphone will comprise the full set of cyber security features to protect the user from various threats. As an example May mentioned connecting to scam networks which will be impossible with Finney.

Note that the HTC company that has been suffering losses over that last three years also plans to leave regular phones to produce a blockchain smartphone. The company has held a profound restructuring recently as it fired every fourth employee (over 1,500 people).


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