Susquehanna Expert: Bitcoin is Perfect Match for Crypto Investor

July 12, 2018

The head of digital asset division at one of the world’s largest trading companies Susquehanna International Group Bart Smith called Bitcoin the best bet for crypto investors:

“If you want to own the asset that you can actually use today and that people are functionally using, it’s Bitcoin. The use case for bitcoin is valid today, which is the currency of the internet”.

Smith is convinced, crypto technologies in gaining pace now and it will take much time for them to get widely used:

“If you’re looking at these other use cases, smart contracts, or lightning network or these different technological advancements, I think people are coming to realize, those things are very difficult and aren’t coming anytime soon”.

He also noted, Bitcoin may turn a good substitute to traditional ways of cross-border transfers:

“They use Western Union, traditional banks; it is slow and it is expensive. And there are people that can stop you from sending that money, whether that's good or bad. With bitcoin, I can send money. It's fast. It's cheap. And frankly, no one can stop me”.


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