Coinbase: Crypto Owners Number to Grow 60 Times

July 17, 2018

Technical director at Coinbase crypto exchange Balaji Srinivasan supposed in one of his tweets, total number of crypto users may rise up 60 times in the nearest future. He concluded this taking account of the fact that 63% of the global population have smartphones and less than 1% hold digital currencies.

Srinivasan referred to the data of the recent poll held by Finder. Along with the above-mentioned figures, the survey stressed, that only 8% of American pollees are ready to become crypto holders. The rest 92% refused from acquiring them due to huge risks, complicated purchase procedures and great deal of scammers involved in the crypto industry. Moving on, some of the respondents voiced their confidence that cryptocurrencies are a bubble and assets that cannot be used anywhere in everyday life.

Some Twitter users agreed that wide spread of cryptocurrencies is inevitable. But the most doubted the correlation between the figures of smartphone and cryptocurrency owners.

In addition, late June this year Dutch financial conglomerate ING Group held a poll among people of the USA, Australia and 13 European states to define their awareness of crypto issues. As the results have shown, 65% of the respondents knew about digital currencies with 16% of them claiming their wish to acquire them soon while 7% saying they already owned them.


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