Triad Leader-Organized ICO Raises $750 Million in 5 Minutes

July 17, 2018

Wan Kuok-koi, former head of the Macao triad, also known as “Broken Tooth”, joined effort with China-based firm for financing chess and poker contests in Asia. Wan’s ICO was reported to gain $750 million in less than five minutes. In general, Wan sold 450 million of the planned 500 million tokens. The ICO tour will be finished at the end of this month in Malaysia.

In October Wan’s investment firm together with Zhonggongxin Cosmos Internet Technology Limited will hold a chess and poker tournament in Hainan. Guo Jiam employee at Zhonggongxin Cosmos, told, the prizes will be equal to over 10 million yuan (approximately $1.5 million) and can come as both HB tokens and cash.

However many people express skepticism about legitimacy of the project. There are also persons in the underworld who doubt Wan’s plans. The ex-leader of triad was freed from restraint in December 2012 after 14 years in high security prison in Coloane. Some of the charges he faced included military weapon import plot.

Wan’s criminal past also caused many questions as he declared early June his plans to use blockchain for “Chinese cultural town in China”. Currently he is chairman of the World Hongmen History and Culture Association which helps building schools for ethnic Chinese could learn more about their culture.


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