Lightning Network’s Largest Node Owned by One Person

July 17, 2018

BTC supporters were delighted to learn that the capacity of Lightning Network (LN) increased by 216% in just a day. More watchful ones have found however, the uprise occurred due to a single node created by owner. As LN researchers say, the node contains over 49% of Lightning Network total funds.

At the moment of creating this article, the so-called “LN.SHITCOIN.COM” had 35.24 BTC or $220 000. The node is under control of Andreas Brekken, the owner of, who told about his plans to review Lightning Network. provides reviews for a wide range of cryptocurrencies like IOTA, Tron, EOS and Dash.

Of course LN fans had something for the Brekken’s node as some of them supposed this was just a pricey marketing trick for his website. Some users would state even, Brekken may attempt to attack the network.

“If he could somehow crash or reduce people’s trust in the Lightning Network, that would be a plus for his side”, a Reddit user explains.

“I opened a channel with this node — it routes payments very well (loads of liquidity)”, states another one.

Brekken yet did not reveal when his LN review is to be published or which tests he conducts. Quite lately he told, that he made about $0.028 in BTC at funds distribution via this node.


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