Chinese Company to Produce Mining Video Console

July 17, 2018

Smart TV Lerong Zhixin manufacturer, affiliate company of the China-based streaming provider Leshi Internet, has announced it plans collaborating with one of local blockchain startups with the view to create a video console for streaming that allows to mine cryptocurrency.

Last Wednesday during their speech at the announcement event the Lerong Zhixin spokesmen told, device owners will be able to gain cryptocurrency by sharing non-usable part of their internet traffic with other console users.

Two days later the Shenzhen Stock Exchange controlled by China's Securities Regulatory Commission sent a request to Leshi with demand for detailed description of blockchain resources and providing personnel data as well as information on hardware capacities of the company-owner. Along with that the exchange informed the company on possible problems with regulators.

Local media called to question that Leshi has got technologies necessary for creating and promoting the console on the market and supposed, the primary goal of the company is to redeem its financial position once blown.

In addition, Leshi Internet was founded in 2004 and has been taking several attempts to extend its functionality for its streaming service since. But in 2015 media reported, the company had heavy debts so its shares sank from $26 to $0.5.


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