07/17/2018 Market Overview. Results of the day.

July 17, 2018

Technical Review

The major cryptocurrencies are traded today almost at resistance level. BCH has got the best indexes and got over resistance level.

BTC 6765.96$. Resistance is 6800$.

ETH 472.29$. Resistance is 490$.

XRP 0.47696$. Resistance is 0.49$.

EOS 8.0255$. Resistance is 8.00$.

BCH 793.20$. Support is 680$.

Latest News

Technical director at Coinbase crypto exchange Balaji Srinivasan supposed, total number of crypto users may rise up 60 times in the nearest future.

Triad leader-organized ICO has raised $750 million over 5 minutes.

Lightning Network largest node of 49% is owned by one person.

Large Swiss financial services provider SIX Group declared its plans to establish a crypto trade platform. The official launch is supposed to be in the second quarter of 2019.

China-based company is to create a mining video console. Smart TV Lerong Zhixin manufacturer plans to revolutionize the mining industry by bringing mining to every home just like Magnavox and Atari did with video games.

Some crypto experts together with Crypto Finance Conf. have conducted a study that proved, the US is the perfect location for ICO.

American Express develops a blockchain system for payment verification.

Chilean Court has obliged state bank to open account for crypto platform.


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