World’s First Bank-Backed Crypto Exchange Opens Public Access

July 19, 2018

The first crypto exchange ever founded with bank’s support is now open to public.

The crypto exchange by SBI Holdings, the leader of Japan’s banking sector, was named VCTRADE and launched this June, but until recently its was available only to those registered at the platform in October last year.

From this Tuesday (July 17) on, any private individual aged 20-70 with Japan citizenship will be able to get registered there. For legal bodies however exchange services are temporarily unavailable.

Note that initially VCTRADE supported trading for yen-XRP pair only. Soon after this trading pairs with Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin appeared on June 8 and 15.

It is to be added that SBI Holdings claimed to open its own crypto trade platform as far back as October 2016. So at the end of the last year Japan’s Financial Services Agency granted a license to VCTRADE for providing financial services within the country.


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