Investor Marc Lasry: Bitcoin Rate Will Reach for $40,000

July 19, 2018

Co-founder of global investment Avenue Capital Group Marc Lasry told CNBC, Bitcoin cost will rise to $40,000.

Speaking at Squawk Box Lasry claimed, the primary motive force for the rate of Bitcoin is simplified trade with the cryptocurrency and global reach and pointed at increased number of markets that allow for free Bitcoin trade.

Lasry added that according to his prognosis, investors may multiply their funds 5-10 times within the next 3-5 years if they invest in Bitcoin. He said, BTC is the most profitable cryptocurrency as “it’s the one everybody is going to come to”.

Remember that in December last year Lasry said he wished he had acquired Bitcoin for $300. By the way, note that over the last two days the rate of the major cryptocurrency has risen by $1,000 and reached $7,400.


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