Crypto Jacking Became Most Popular Cyber Crime

July 19, 2018

Skybox Security, the company involved in information security, has published a report saying that illegal crypto mining or crypto jacking is a large problem than malwares.

According to the data of the half-year report, 32% of all cyber crimes are illegal mining while only 8% make counterfeit software.

Remarkable enough, the last report by Skybox which summarized the second half of 2017 showed contrary figures: fraudulent software that demanded paying money for unblocking your device comprised 32% of all attacks while 7% was for crypto jacking.

Note that ads blocking app AdGuard used to warn against crypto jacking volume growth in 2018 which stressed in its report that illegal crypto mining would occur in the most unexpected situations.

According to Skybox, decline in popularity of scam software was caused by the victims realizing that their data are not at risk and there is no need in paying ransom. By the way, other widely spread kinds of scam in the internet today are remote trojans (17%) and spyware (13%).


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