Huobi Launched a Platform for Creating Cryptocurrency Exchanges

July 23, 2018

A Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange Huobi announced the official launch of a cloud platform called Huobi Cloud, that offers a solution to create secure digital asset exchanges. 

The company says in the official statement:

"Over the past five years, Huobi has accumulated rich and valuable R&D, security, compliance and operational experience through its digital asset trading platforms. In this era of significant and strong adoption of blockchain technologies, Huobi is looking to share its expertise and experience with the entire Blockchain ecosystem and through this, develop the industry further to achieve mutual benefits for all stakeholders."

Two days prior to the announcement, the exchange officially launched a blockchain consortium dubbed Huobi Blockchain Plus Industry Alliance. The members of the consortium will focus on the development of blockchain solutions for industrial companies. It was also reported, that Huobi plans to launch blockchain labs in order to help startups with the creation of their own digital assets exchanges.


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