Coinbase Declares Establishing Its Own Political Action Committee

July 23, 2018

Citing governmental papers and Elliot Suthers, the company’s communications chief, popular crypto trade platform Coinbase has formed its own Political Action Committee (РАС).

The data published by the U.S. Federal Election Commission show that early this summer trade platform Coinbase has established a Political Action Committee and noted, to make it function to the full they still need some funds and called for investors to participate. It is to be noted that to the moment this article was written the PAC did not have relations to any of the candidates running for governmental position. The document also marked inquiry period from the 4th to 30th of June.

The PAC was formed in the US in the view of the need in raising funds on behalf of the persons running for governmental positions who usually present some business ideas, innovative projects, etc. or ideological principles during their election campaigns.

It is critical to mention that despite this Committee, the platform has already invested around $80,000 for political causes. For instance, $78,000 was given to Brian Forde, a US Congress candidate and former Office of Science and Technology Policy advisor to President Barack Obama.


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