Microsoft and Singapore Airlines Launch Blockchain Wallet

July 25, 2018

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has launched its own online wallet based on blockchain. The software was developed together with Microsoft and KPMG Digital Village.

The new wallet named “KrisPay” converts miles of frequent flyers to digital “KrisPay miles” that can be used for paying for retail goods via mobile app.

The wallet users can spend 15 KrisPay miles (which is equal to about $0,73) and more to buy food, drinks, gas, cosmetics and other goods from chosen sellers. According to SIA, currently KrisPay miles are accepted at 18 shops across the island and far more sellers are expected to join the platform in the future.

Meanwhile, the technological giant Microsoft keeps on investing in the blockchain technology as the company began to implement Ethereum off-chain protocol into its cloud computing service Microsoft Azure. In February this year the firm declared it plans to integrate blockchain-based decentralized identifiers in Microsoft Authenticator app. Azure has officially claimed to release a blockchain app development service named Azure Blockchain Workbench.


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