Poloniex to Delist Nine Cryptocurrencies

July 30, 2018

The American cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex announced it will delist nine cryptocurrency from its platform. The exchange published the announcement on its official Twitter account.

As the team of the exchange informs, the decision to conduct delisting of nine cryptocurrencies is directly connected with the implementation of the new framework called Circle Asset Framework, that simplifies the management of digital assets on all Poloniex's products. Some cryptocurrencies cannot be aligned with the new framework, and the management of the exchange decided to delist them. In addition, cryptocurrencies with the limited trading volumes will also be delisted. 

FlorinCoin (FLO), FoldingCoin (FLDC), Vcash (XVC), BitCrystals (BCY), Nexium (NXC), Radium (RADS), BlackCoin (BLK), PinkCoin (PINK), and RieCoin (RIC) are the cryptocurrencies, that will be excluded from the exchange. The news about delisting negatively affected the rates of these cryptocurrencies: some lost 15-20% in one day, and some lost more than 80%.

The cryptocurrency community reacted negatively to Poloniex's decision. For example, the popular Twitter user @SecretsOfCrypto, which has more than 95,000 followers, wrote that it will no longer use Poloniex, because delistings are "not cool".


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