IOTA Is The Most Profitable Investment of 2017

July 30, 2018

According to a study made by Crypto Finance Conference (CFC), participation in the ten most profitable cryptocurrency projects of 2017 would have returned 136,000 percent on investment on average. 

The rating includes cryptocurrency projects, that raised at least $1 million in 2017. The leader of the rating is IOTA, a platform built on its own directed acyclic graph called Tangle and aimed at establishing the connection between IoT devices. IOTA registered 614.934% return on investment, which is the best result by far.

The second place is occupied by the decentralized blockchain ecosystem Nxt. The return on investment of this project in 2017 is 500,708%. The third place of the rating belongs to Ethereum, which brought 140.987% returns to investors. Stratis, NeoArk, Lisk, Komodo are among the cryptocurrencies, that also made the rating.

CEO of CFC Andrea-Franco Stöhr told CoinTelegraph:

"No project in the top ten had an ROI that was less than 6,000%—gains that are unfathomable for investors in many other markets. These numbers demonstrate the strong upside and myriad real-world applications for cryptocurrency. Also, the extreme success of infrastructure projects suggests investors should be seeking foundational companies that will redefine the internet in the next 10 to 15 years"

ROI-Driven Crypto Research Findings

The full rating of the most profitable cryptocurrencies investments of 2017. Source: Crypto Finance Conference.


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