BCH Gaining Popularity Among Dark Web Users

August 1, 2018

Since the r/darkmarkets subbredit was closed, Deepdotweb.com has become the main news website for darknet users. However, website's behaviour became strange lately, European users can't even visit it. Moreover, despite the popularity of the website, there should not be only one website covering the news of dark web. It's easier for authorities to take control of one website and redirect users to dummy websites, that would expose those users. 

However, an alternative news source has emerged. It's called dreadditevelidot.onion and available only through Tor. Users of this website like it, because their IP addresses cannot be traced easily. There are several message boards on Dread. The most popular one is d/darknetmarkets, that has more than 13 thousand subscribers. 

What's interesting, is that the popularity of Bitcoin Cash among the users of Dread has risen significantly. BCH was adopted six months ago, when there were protests from users against the high transaction fee in the Bitcoin network. They literally couldn't make deals less than $100. Although BTC's transaction fee decreased since that time, BCH has been becoming more popular cryptocurrency. There are 102 thousand of sellers, who accept BCH, and 126 thousand of sellers, who accept BTC, currently on Dream Market.


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