Germany’s Second Largest Stock Exchange to Launch ICO Platform

August 3, 2018

The second major stock exchange of Germany “Boerse Stuttgart” is going to start ICO platform.

One of the largest stock exchanges in Germany “Boerse Stuttgart” plans launching a new ICO-platform as part of a broader multidirectional infrastructure for crypto assets that have been developed by the company for quite long. As the company’s spokespersons say, the new platform will provide for crypto coin holders opportunities to use them in transactions via transparent processes. Meanwhile the company plans to form a multilevel trade platform for digital currencies that will ensure high-level crypto asset storing security.

Remember that earlier “Boerse Stuttgart” used to talk about its plans to launch a solution for digital coin trading named “Bison” and that is to start on early autumn this year. Launching ICO- and trade platforms will follow this.

Noteworthy enough that “Boerse Stuttgart” plans operating at secondary markets as well and develops a number of related solutions for this purpose. Alexander Hoptner, the company’s CEO, told crypto coins that will be issued via ICO platform will be allowed to trading at secondary market and pointed out he considers this to be one of the crucial factors for the future success of the project.

In addition, “Boerse Stuttgart” is by far not a solitary operator of stock exchange that aims at taking its position in the crypto sector. For instance, at the beginning of spring this year “ТМХ” reported that one of the company’s offices has contracted for forming a crypto broker focused primarily on BTC and ETH.


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